Emma – Moldolva

The name of the child in this story has been changed to protect confidentiality.

Emma was diagnosed with DR-TB in 2012 when she was three years old. Her father had been on treatment for TB for six months prior to Emma’s diagnosis. Emma is responding well to treatment. However, she is so young—now just four years old— that like other children her age she has difficulty swallowing the many, large, and bad-tasting pills that are required for her treatment. The health care workers who have been treating Emma point this out as an example of the urgent need for child-friendly formulations of TB drugs that reduce the length of treatment for DR-TB and the heavy pill-burden. Above all, they point to the need for child-friendly formulations of drugs that make it more practicable to assure that a child receives the correct dosing of all the drugs that she needs to be cured.

Story Collected by: IMSP SCMF Moldova