Armen – Armenia

The name of the child in this story has been changed to protect confidentiality.

Armen started showing symptoms of TB in September of 2010. His mother was on DR-TB treatment at the time and as a result, he was quickly diagnosed with TB in October of 2010. Armen’s diagnosis was changed to DR-TB two months later. Armen started treatment for DR-TB in January of 2011 and stayed in the hospital for the first month. The rest of his treatment was administered at home. He successfully completed treatment in October of 2012. Although Armen’s treatment was ultimately successful, the treatment intensity and duration was very taxing on him. Improved treatment regimens, particularly new drugs that allow shorter treatment durations, would greatly reduce the burden of DR-TB treatment on very young children like Armen.

Story Collected by: Annabelle Djeribi, Saiful Qayyum, Berangere Musseau, Mohiuddin Hussain Khan, and Arusyak Melikyan, Médicines Sans Frontières