Aline – Brazil

Aline suffered from severe malnutrition as a child and is living with HIV, making her much more susceptible to becoming sick with TB. Aline’s uncle was in treatment for MDR-TB during her childhood, and she knew another person who was also being treated for the disease.

After experiencing symptoms for three months, in April 1997, Aline was diagnosed at ten years old with TB of the bones. Though Aline completed treatment in 1998, she relapsed a month later and was hospitalized for 47 days. Aline was diagnosed with MDR-TB via sputum sample, and seven months later she was started on treatment for MDR-TB.

A lack of pediatric drug formulations and the high pill burden made treatment very difficult for Aline, and although she survived she is permanently affected by her TB disease. She now has pulmonary bronchiectasis – widening and destruction of her large airways due to recurrent TB.

At the hospital where Aline was treated, parents often die of TB before the treatment of their children is complete.  This highlights the need to also treat all family members who are sick with MDR-TB, in addition to child cases. This will save lives and prevent new infections of other children in the home

Story Collected by: Solange David, Hospital Municipal Jesus, Rio de Janeiro Brasil